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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Francesco Jacovacci (1838 - 1908) Nudo Accademico Di Giovanneto Seduto...Seated Nude Male Youth

Gallerie Goupil, Paris ..circa 1860


Francesco Jacovacci was born in Rome in 1838. He trained under Alessandro Marini (1831 - 1874) who worked in the gallery of Duke Cesarini. Jacovacci later worked in the atelier of Allessandro Capalti. In Paris ,he was introduced to the famous 19th century Gallerie Goupil (Adolphe Goupil 1806 - 1893) for whom he provided easel paintings. His works were exhibited in the Art Exhibition of Rome along with the works of Barilla, Joris Biseo and other artists. In 1879 he published a series of articles about "Artistic Rome". In 1880 he presented his painting: Michaelangelo at the body of Victoria Colorno (Naples, Capodimonte Museum) at the Exhibition of Turin. In 1878, he participated in the important L'Exposition Universelle in Paris with his painting "Return from the Baptism". During the last decades of his life up until his death in 1908, he was director of the National Gallery of Modern Art which is located in the Palazzo delle Esposizioni. Jacovacci was a successful painter of historical and genre subjects. He was also an influential art critic and writer. He was awarded a knighthood for his achievements.

In bringing new works into my collection, I try to add examples of various differing mediums, including prints, drawings, works on paper, and paintings of various types. This is a beautiful pen and ink drawing on paper. It exemplifies Jacovacci's artistic talents and his ability to control his medium. It is the first pen and ink drawing added to my collection.

Caption: Seated Nude Youth
Artist: Francesco (Francis) Jacovacci (1838-1908)
Medium: Pen and Ink on paper
Dated: circa 1850-70


Here are a few examples of Jacovacci's works including several pen and ink drawings:


Standing Male Nude ..

Standing Male Nude..rear view

Male Peasant....

Female Peasant ... (Drawings above: Courtesy Mattia Jona..Master Drawings and Prints..La Portantina di Mattia Jona, Milan, Italy..If you are looking for original Old Master Prints and Drawings, I highly recommend Mattia Jona. He is knowledgeable and speaks fluent English. Visit his website when you have time. (


Birth of a Prince..

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