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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

George von Hoesslin (1851 - 1923) Nude Ephebe in Heroic Pose

George (Georg) von Hoesslin (1851-1923) is an interesting figure in art in view of his origins and study. German by heritage but born in Hungary and educated in the United States after his family emigrated to North America in 1856. In 1870 he wanted to study art and returned to Europe (Munich) where he studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts. In Munich he trained under Wilhelm Lindenschmit (1829 -1 895), a German history painter. He traveled to Rome and Venice for additional studies later on. In 1880 he returned to Boston, Mass. He made return trips to Munich after his return to America. His paintings are displayed in Museums in Boston (Museum of Fine Art) and in Europe. This drawing is not signed but has von Hoesslin's estate stamp on the reverse and came from his estate (Nachlass George Von Hoesslin stamp on the reverse). The drawing is probably a preparatory study for an historical painting, part of his oeuvre of portraits and historical paintings. This drawing came out of a Paris estate sale and into my collection several years ago.

Caption: Nude Ephebe in Heroic Pose
Artist: George von Hoesslin (1851 - 1923)
Medium: Graphite pencil on Paper
Dated: Circa 1870-90
Here are a few examples of Hoesslin's mature works:

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