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Friday, October 1, 2010

Exposed: The Victorian Nude

Mr. UPS has performed his magic again with the delivery of a remainder from From 1 November 2001 to 27 January 2002 The Tate Britain put on an exhibition of works titled "Exposed The Victorian Nude" and caused the publication of an accompanying profusely illustrated book. I was somewhat put off by the price at the time and recently discovered that was selling remainders at a very attractive price so I grabbed a copy for my Art Library. The exhibit was thought provoking and evocative. This particular volume surveys the full range of Victorian representations of male and female figures. This book would make a great addition to any Art Library. Highly recommended.
Cover: Frederic Lord Leighton (1830-1896) The Bath of Psyche c.1889-1890

Title: Exposed The Victorian Nude
Edited by Alison Smith
Publisher: Watson-Guptill Publications, New York
ISBN: 0-8230-1633-1

Here are just a few of the many illustrations in this beautiful volume:
(Illustrations courtesy of Exposed The Victorian Nude)

William Mulready (1786-1863) Male Academic Study ... 1845

Simeon Solomon (1840-1905) The Sleeping Endymion .. 1887

William Everett (1829-1896) Study of a male nude sitting as if on horseback ..1843-53

James Havard Thomas (1854-1921) Castagnettes No. 2 ...1900

Frederic Lord Leighton (1830-1896) The Sluggard ... 1885

Edward Onslow Ford (1852-1901) The Singer ... 1889

Edward John Poyner (1836-1919) Study for mosaic of St. George .. 1869)

Edward John Poyner (1836-1919) Paul and Apollos .. 1872

Anna Lea Merritt (1844-1930) Love Locked Out .. 1889

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