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Monday, September 27, 2010

Carl J. Peyfuss (1865-1932) Nude Ephebe

Portrait of Carl J. Peyfuss (1865-1932)

Caption: Nude Ephebe
Artist: Carl J. Peyfuss (1865-1932)
Medium: conte on paper with white chalk highlights
Dated: 1884

Here is a painting done by Peyfuss for the Austrian Royal Court in 1908:

Emperior Franz Josef inspecting the new addition of the Household...1908
I finally found a folder containing the original purchase receipt for this drawing which identified the artist who executed the beautiful drawing. The artist is Carl (Karl) J. Peyfuss (Austrian 1865-1932). Carl J. Peyfuss was born in Vienna in 1865. He studied at the Vienna School of Arts and at the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. From 1888 to 1890 he completed his art education in Paris. During his return to Vienna he executed paintings for the Imperial court. He was a member of the Visual Arts Association of Vienna and was awarded the Golden Medal for Services to the Republic of Austria in 1931.

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