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Monday, November 15, 2010

Italian School - Pen & Ink drawing - Nude Youth 1869

(Color Scan)

This nice 19th century Italian School pen and ink drawing of a male nude appeared on an auction site this morning. It is signed and dated (1869) but the signature is illegible. The young model appears to be holding a bronze of "Winged Victory" adding a classical feature to the composition. That wild curly hair on his head reminds me of Pontormo. The paper appears to be badly acid stained (above illustration in color) and I know from personal experience that removal of acid stains from paper by a trained professional paper conservator starts at three hundred fifty dollars. Whether it is worth the initial investment and the fees involved with restoration is another matter. It is still a nice nude study. Enjoy.

Caption: Standing Male Nude Youth
Artist: Unknown, Italian School (Signed by signature illegible)
Material: Pen & Ink on Paper
Dated: 1869

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