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Monday, November 22, 2010

Rene Leverd (1872-1938) Female Nude

eBay France currently has several listings for works by Rene Leverd including the below listed drawing. Leverd came from a family of artists, his own father, Leon Alfred Leverd, was a portraitist and painter of still life's. Rene Leverd exhibited his works early in life, nineteen years old, when he received a silver medal at the Salon of French artists. Leverd specialized in watercolor. He was a technically talented draftsman and his works show the technical control he had over his medium.


Caption: Une Jeune femme nue debout puisant de l'eau a la fountaine
Artist: Rene Leverd (1872-1938)
Medium: gaouche/pencil on paper
Dated: 1900
Here are a few examples of Leverd's beautiful technical watercolors:

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