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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Book Review: The Care of Bronze Sculpture


Title: The Care of Bronze Sculpture: Recommended Maintenance Programs
Author: Patrick V. Kipper
Publisher: Path Publications, Loveland Press, Loveland, Co. 2007 4th edition
ISBN: 0-9647269-1-2

With the obtaining of so many new bronzes into my collection of artworks, I thought it prudent that I research the care and feeding of the bronze to protect my investments. I found this little volume at my favorite bookstore online ( of course). Bronze, like any metal, is prone to disease and deterioration if neglected and not properly cared for, so I was pleased to find many secrets for the proper care and feeding of bronze (both indoor and outdoor bronzes) contained within this little book. I highly recommend this little volume for collectors who may lack the needed skills to maintain bronzes they may have added to their collection. I even ordered the requisite cans of Trewax brand paste wax to help with the protection of fine art bronze patina's and can attest to its great results. Questions about the care of bronze? Then take a look at this little volume. Highly recommended.

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