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Sunday, January 9, 2011

December Auction; Gallery and Web Finds

I browsed the December Hungarian Auction results and culled a few figurative works out for your enjoyment. I found a few additional works from Galleries and Web listings also, including several examples of figurative ivory carvings. Enjoy.
Works on paper:
Porto Silva (1850-1893) Nude Youth

Hungarian School ...late 19th Century


Bento Barbosa ... Menino tirando espinho do pe ...1897

Bento Babosa ... Nude Male ... 1894

Bento Babosa - Busto de Menino ...1897

Joao Batistada Costa (1865-1926) Nu de menino... 1886

Ignacio Pinazo Camarlench (1849-1916) El Guardivia

Jacques Antoine Vallin (1760-1831) Venus et Amor

Italian School ... 17th Century .. San Sebastiano

Jozsef Horvath (1891-1961) Form Azok (Funny, if you are interested in Socialist Realism, then the Hungarian Auction houses are replete with busts and paintings of Lenin and figurative works such as the above painting. Time to dump the old I guess).

Balogh Alajos - Boy with Dogs ... 1892

Works in Ivory:

Johann Philipp Ferdinand Preiss (1882-1943) was probably the most prolific sculptor of the Art Deco period in Germany. He combined ivory, bronze, onyx, and marble to create the most dazzling sculptures of this time period. Preiss apprenticed with his uncle, a master ivory carver, at the age of sixteen, following the death of his parents. He went on to become the most important Art Deco sculptor in Germany and, indeed, one of the most accomplished in Europe during the Nazi period.


Bronzes and Metalworks:

Johannes Benk (1844-1914) (images courtesy of Beverly Hills Antiques)

Heinrich Dietzsch ... Naked Young Athelete (1920)

Austrian Bronze

Cupid .....


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