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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ludwig Vordermayer (1868-1933) Romischer Krieger mit Pferd - Roman Warror with Horse (1905)

I found this beautiful bronze on eBay Austria yesterday and was greatly impressed with the composition. It is obviously missing some parts (the spear and the reign connecting the horse to the rider) and has a few condition problems but is still a magnificent work of art. Unfortunately, I could not find much biographic information on Ludwig Vordermayer but I have a series of six volumes on European Bronze works coming from today, perhaps they will contain some useful information. Enjoy.

I found additional illustrations of the same bronze and another bronze of a female nude by the same artist:

The Slipper...

I am really not sure what the below illustrations are about because the web site was in Japanese or Chinese script but it perhaps illustrates how a beautiful bronze can be damaged by corrosion of the copper in the bronze and exposure to the elements (one reason for the application of a good patina). Lord knows it could use some repair and a new patina. I thought it interesting that it appears to be an edition of Vordermayer's bronze. Bronzes are prone to a debilitating process called "bronze disease" which is deterioration of the metal from exposure to the elements and lack of proper care. The patina is applied to prevent this but sometimes deterioration still takes place. It always pays to research the medium and be knowledgeable of its proper care and conservation. This might be a preliminary casting model for the artist to review how the various castings come together and then make changes for the final edition.

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