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Friday, July 16, 2010

Hendrik Gerrit Bokhorst (1894 - 1972) Nude Male Youths

Hendrick Gerrit Bokhorst (1894 - 1972) was a Dutch artist who came from a family of artistic individuals (father and brother). Bokhorst was born in Deventer in 1895. I have scant biographic information on his early training but he is listed as a decorative painter, glazier, and landscape painter. He possessed great talent and had a fine sense of mood and expression in his landscapes. Today, his work is rare and much sought after by collectors of painters of the Deventer School.

These several drawings and a number of others which I sold later were discovered in a small shop in an Amsterdam Flea Market several years ago. I had taken a biking-barge tour of central Holland and was spending a weekend in Amsterdam before departing for Paris the following week. They are beautifully executed studies of the male youth. (The slight discoloration on the drawings is just a shadow from the window light in which they were photographed.).

Caption: Nude Male Youths in various poses
Artist: Hendrik Gerrit Bokhorst (1894 - 1972) (Dutch)
Medium: pierre noir on laid paper
Dated: undated (First half of the 20th Century)

Here is an example of Bokhorst's mature work. According to what I have been able to research his works are somewhat rare and much sought after by a growing group of Deventer School painters in Holland.

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