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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Franz Kienmayer (1886 - 1963) Death of Abel ...Male Nude

Franz Kienmayer (1886 - 1963) was an Austrian born painter and illustrator. He studied at the Vienna Academy of Fine Art with August Delug and later in Liepzig in 1926. From 1942 he worked as a Professor in Liepzig and later in Baden-Baden. Kienmayer travelled extensively in China, Japan, The Indonesian Archipelago and Ceylon in the 1930's. He exhibited his works in Indonesia and The Hague, Netherlands. He retired in Leipzig.
During one's course of instruction at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts, students were presented a list of topics for their finals presentations. Amongst that list would be such iconographic images such as: Cain kills Abel, Adam & Eve find Abel's body, the Prodigal Son, death, mourning, farewell, and the expulsion from paradise. Another subject was "The Death of Abel" which allowed the artist to paint and draw the male nude. This is a drawing dated 1907 in brown crayon.

Caption: The Death of Able (Reclining Male Nude)
Artist: Franz Kienmayer (1886 - 1963)
Medium: Browm crayon
Dated: 1904

Here are a few examples of Kienmayer's mature genre works:

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