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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fritz Burkhard (1900-1983) Nude Boy Reclining Pencil drawing

This little drawing came from a seller in Germany. It is from the artist's estate. There is a certain energy to the artist's line which caught my eye. The drawing has been cut down for some reason unknown to me that really damages the image as far as I am concerned. Anyway, It is a nice little drawing for not a lot of money. Fritz Burkhardt (1900-1983) trained with Adolph Schinnerer at the Munich Art Academy. He co-founded the Franconian Artists' League. Burkhardt's drawings are expressive and veristic (don't hold back, warts and all) with very strong erotic overtures. (He and George Gross would have made great roommates). He depicted the world of prostitution with no holds barred. Many of the models who sat for him were prostitutes and his studies of their bodies were replete in uncompromising realism.

Caption: Nude Boy, reclining
Artist: Fritz Burkhardt (1900-1983)
Medium: Pencil on Paper (from the artist's estate)
Dated: circa 1929

Here are a few examples of Burkhardt's works:

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