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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Unknown Artist - Nude Girls - Charcoal On Paper

These three small sketches of adolescent females were in the bottom of a drawer in my print cabinet. Each of them has an embossed stamp in the lower right hand corner which reads " Estate of CCC 1856-1937." I am sure the original receipt for them is around here somewhere but it will have to be found when I have more time. They are unusual in the fact that the subject matter (adolescent females) is so rarely seen. Why, is any one's guess, perhaps the prevailing mores of the times or some other unknown reason. What ever the reason it did not seem to be applicable for nudes of adolescent boys. You see them quite regularly as artistic subject matter. Honestly, I had forgotten I had these and only found them when I went looking for something else today. There is still a lot stuff in those drawers so I guess I had better make time to look through them more thoroughly. These are quick thirty minute studies but still quite nice as studies go. Enjoy

Caption: Nude Girl
Artist: Initials CCC (1856 - 1937)
Medium: Charcoal on Paper
Dated: circa 1900 - 1910

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