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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

H. Albrecht - Austrian Student Sketch Book 1917

I was rummaging around in a large English oak print cabinet I have this afternoon and came across an Austrian sketch book from 1917. The large majority of works you run across from the 19th century while setting up a comprehensive collection of academic works are single page drawings. It is very seldom you run across an almost full sketch book of nudes. It is more common for some Antiques dealer to break the book apart and sell the individual drawings singularly. The artist who produced this sketchbook was H. Albrecht, a student at a private Atelier or Academe in Vienna in 1917. Although not the best technically, they are interesting in that you get to see what was going into student sketch books at the turn of the last century. The album measures 10.25 inches by 12.5 inches. Unfortunately I do not have any biographical information on this artist. Enjoy.

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