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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Caesar Fracassini (Italian 1838 Orvieto - 1868 Rome)

Standing Male Nude....Caesar Fracassini (circa 1855)

Mature works by Fracassini:

The Martyrs of Gorkum..........Vatican Museum

St. John before Herod and Herodius...........
Caption: Standing Male Nude
Artist: Caesar Fracassini (1838 - 1868)
Medium: Graphite on Paper
Dated: circa 1855

This is the first drawing I bought for my collection many years ago. I think what struck me most about this work of art was not the drawing but that frame. The frame in itself is a work of art. I am not sure if it is contemporary with the drawing, mainly because it has an Art Nouveau look about it, but it does catch your eye. The drawing is signed on the reverse and is by Italian artist Caesar Fracassini (1838 Orvieto - 1868 Rome). The condition of the drawing is in an unrestored condition. Caesar Fracassini was trained in Rome and became a popular painter of his time. Among his major works is The Martyrs of Gorkum (illustrated above), which is housed in the Vatacan Museum. This drawing has a typical mid-19th Century feel to it (note the hair style and facial hair). Fracassini decorated a curtain in the Teatro Mancinelli in Orvieto, Italy also.

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