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Monday, April 26, 2010


Caption: Standing Male Nude: Back View

Artist: Maximilian Spilhacezk (1876-1961)

Medium: Black & White Chalks On Paper

Dated: circa 1890-1900

The Maximilian Spilhacezk male nude drawing (circa 1890 - 1900) arrived in this morning's post and I am posting photographs of the drawing here for your enjoyment. The drawing is as spectacular as the illustration initially showed on the eBay Auction site. With the white highlights it is almost photographic in its detail. Spilhaczek has captured every detail of the models musculature and that contraposito pose. If you examine the drawing closely you can clearly see the technique of fine lines of varying widths to impose depth on a one dimensional surface. Sparing use of whites on the highest points of the figure's musculature adds greater depth to the composition. Truly a fine example of 19th and early 20th Century Drawing technique. It helps to have a model with such a fine physique like this also. It's all about observation and technical execution. If you are wondering how those fine lines are created the technique is all in the preparation of the graphite portion of the pencil. The wood is shaved off several inches from the tip of the pencil exposing the lead core. The artist can then maintain a very sharp drawing instrument by honing the lead to a fine point. The artist is able to maintain detailed control of the tip once on the paper. I observed the preparation of the drawing pencils while taking a painting course at a Private Atelier in Toronto once. Very fine detail can be obtained from such a drawing instrument.

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