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Friday, May 21, 2010

Auguste-Hyacinthe DeBay (1804-1865) Nude Ephebe

This morning I had the good fortune to obtain a new addition of an early 19th Century drawing to my collection. The drawing is attributed to Auguste-Hyacinthe DeBay (1804-1865). It dates circa 1823 and is a nude ephebe in a standing frontal pose. I think the attribution is accurate based upon stylistic similarities in the execution of the drawing and examples of DeBay's engravings. Take a look at the engravings listed below and compare the stylistic similarities for yourself.

Auguste-Hyacinthe DeBay (1804-1865) is a well know French Master. From 1830 DeBay exhibited at the Paris Salon in both paintings and sculpture. He exhibited in the 1855 Exposition and was awarded a first class medal for his sculpture 'Cain and Abel'. As soon as the drawing arrives I will photograph it and post additional illustrations.

Caption: Nude Ephebe, Standing, Frontal View
Artist: In the manner of Auguste-Hyacinthe DeBay (1804-1865)
Medium: Charcoal on paper
Dated: Circa 1823

Here are a few examples of Auguste-Hyacinthe DeBay's mature work:

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