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Monday, May 17, 2010

Unknown Artist - Boy Playing the Flute

As I was walking back to my computer room this morning I noticed sitting on the sideboard what qualifies as the smallest, brilliantly executed, pencil drawing in my collection. The drawing itself measures a scant 4.5 inches by 2.25 inches, but within that small area on paper is a beautifully executed little nude study. Obviously by the hand of a master. The detail in the little drawing is remarkable. The execution of this tiny nude study of an ephebe reminds me of the work of American-German artist Joseph Uhl (1877 New York City - 1945 Bergen, Germany). Uhl was a printmaker who occasionally did small nude portraits of children. The detail of this small drawing is truly amazing. My next post above will be on the work of Joseph Uhl and will feature a small print of a nude boy in my collection. I have seen several of Uhl's prints come up on German websites and they are fought over because of their rarity. I managed to get my print from a seller here in the states who could not read the signature on the print and had no clue what he had. Needless to say I did my homework and snatched it up for my collection. Take a look at the above print, this little drawing, and judge for yourselt.

Caption: Nude Boy Playing the Flute
Artist: Unknown (Possibly Joseph Uhl (1877-1945)
Medium: Pencil on paper
Dated: Late 19th, early 20th Century

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