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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Daniel Barkely (1962- ) The Working Smock - Nude Male Youth (2005)


I thought I would give you a little treat today. It is so very seldom that I buy contemporary figurative works. My collection is almost entirely made up of 18th, 19th and early 20th century works. The artistic skill levels of today's trained artists almost always leaves me dissatisfied. Several years ago I had the distinct honor of becoming the first collector south of the Canadian border to own a Daniel Barkley painting. I discovered his work on line and thanks to his Gallery rep in Canada, I managed to procure one of his beautiful paintings. Daniel has a web site but he does not answer email enquiry ( All of his sales are handled through his Gallery representative ... Galerie Harwood in Canada ( if you are interested in acquiring one of Daniel's works. As a rule I do not buy contemporary works but I made an exception here because of the Daniel's technical mastery of his medium. Daniel's mastery of color is enviable. Daniel Barkley was born in Montreal and holds a Master's Degree in Fine Arts from Concordia University. He has been painting for some twenty years now. He was awarded the A.J. Casson Medal for Excellence in watercolor by the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolor and in 2002 he was awarded 1st prize by the Society of Canadian Artists. His mastery of color is superb in my humble opinion. He reworks biblical and mythological themes and his reinterpretations are truly remarkable. Spirituality, mysticism, and the supernatural are important elements in his works. The model's name is Vincent and he appears in many of Barkley's works. Enjoy.

Caption: The Working Smock (Model Vincent)
Artist: Daniel Barkley (1962-)
Medium: Acrylics on Canvas
Dated: 2005
Here are just a few of the beautiful works of Daniel Barkley:

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