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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Jan de Bisschop (1628-1671) Figural Etchings - 17th Century

Today I found a number of prints by Jan de Bisschop (1628-1671) listed on eBay France. If I didn't already have myself tied up financially in the purchase of a beautiful bronze, I would love to bring a number of these beauties into my collection. I do not presently have examples of 17th century instructional academic nudes in my collection. Jan de Bisschop was originally a lawyer by training but inspite of his lack of artistic training he founded a painting studio in The Hague in 1652 and later founded a drawing school. He produced some beautiful landscapes in ink washes. He also made figure studies, referencing classical and Italian paintings. Despite his amateur status, he was widely influential in art and art publishing during his lifetime. Jan de Bisschop was also responsible for two substantial collections of prints, the signorum Veterum icones, published from 1668-1669; and the Paradigmata graphices variorum artificum, published in 1671. The icones contained 100 prints after classical and classicizing sculptures. Jan de Bisschop's volumes were highly successful in their intended purpose, to furnish Dutch artists with a source of ideal instructive models for figures and figure compositions. Enjoy.

Here are a few additional examples of Bisschop's works:

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