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Join me as we explore my collection of Academic Nudes from the 18th, 19th, and Early 20th Centuries and serendipitous finds in the Museum, Art Auction, and Gallery world......examples from the Golden Age of the European Academie

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

European Auction Finds Winter 2010

Bela Ivany-Grunwald (1867-1940) Asztalnal

Over the last few days I have been going over Auction listings collecting a number of figurative works for your enjoyment. A number of the nude works date from the first part of the 20th century but many are late 19th century works. Enjoy.
Works on paper:
Mihaly Zichy (1827-1906)

Janos Vaszary (1867-1939) Male Nude

Jeno Szollosi (1884-?) Moses

Janos Szollosi (1884 - ?) Male Nude

Gyula Stetka (1855-1925) Male Nude

Sascha Schneider ... Male Nude 1898

Albert Schickedanz (1846-1915) Male Nude

Albert Schickedanze (1846 - 1915) Male Nude

Karoly Reissniann (1856-1917) Male Nude

Philipp Otto Rung (1777-1810) Male Nude

Otto Vautier (1863-1919) Female Nude

Bela Ivanyi-Grunwald (1867-1940) Oltoztetes

Oaula Modershon-Beck (1867-1907) Hands

Ludwig von Hofmann (1861-1945) Bathers

Karoly Lotz (1833-1904) Male Nude

Janos Kmetty (1889-1975) Arkadia

Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld (1794-1872) Two Male Nudes

18th Century Italian School... Putto

18th Century Italian School...Mythological Scene

Arthur Heyer (1872-1931) Lucifer 1895

Jozsef Gudics (1929) Adam & Eve

Friedrich Overbeck (1789-1869) Standing Male Nude

Franz Pforr (1788-1812) Male Nude

Franz Albert Juttner - Satyr und Nymphe - 1910

18th Century English School... Male Nude

Jeno Elekfy (1895-1968)

Lajos Deak-Ebner (1850-1934) Amor and Psyche 1920

Christian rohlfs (1849-1938) Male Nude

16th Century, Venetian School ...Flagellation of Christ

Miklos Banovszky (1895-1995) Female Nude




Oszkar Glatz (1872-1958) Bathing Youth

Geza Kovesdy (1887-1950) Loitatas a Balatonnai

Janka Olejnik (1887-1954) Fiu Akt 1927

Istvan Szonyi (1894-1960)

Janos Stein (1872-1942) Sleeping Venus with Cupid

Sandor Szopos (1881-1954) Akt Szabadban 1929

Janos Stein (1872-1942) Female Nude

Csaba Perlrott (1880-1955) Sitting Male Nude

Hungarian School ... Female Nude

C. Pal Molnar (1894-1981)

Miklos Mihalovits (1888-1960) Nude

Miklos Mihalovits (1888-1960) Adam and Eve

Ignac Maurer (1787-1831) Young Saint John

Teutsch Janos Mattis (1884-1960)

Unsigned, Hungarian School .... Modern Madonna

Hungarian School ...Two Male Models

Lovis Corinth

Karoly Lutz (1833-1904) Lovers

Karoly Lutz (1833-1904) Diana Hunting For Wild Boar

Karoly Lutz (1833-1904) Sappho

Karoly Lutz (1833-1904) Amor es Psyche

Kukan Geza (1890-1936) Remete - 1921

Jozsef Koszta (1861-1949) Female Nude

Bertalan Karlovszky (1858-1938) Female Nude

Herman Moest (1868-1945) Im gras Liegender Faun mit aufgestutztem

Lipot Herman (1884-1972)

Ferenc Helbing (1870-1958) Adam and Eve 1923

Ede Heinrich (1819-1885)

Laszlo Hegedus (1870-1911) Herkules Valaszuton

Laszlo Hegedus (1870-1911) Eve

Hans Garnjobst (1863-1955) Akt am Brunnen

Moric Gabor (1889-1987)

Ferenc Gaal (1891-1956)

Julius Schmid (1854-1935)... Die Jugen

Istvan Darvassy (1888-1960) Mythological Scene

Gyula Benczur (1844-1920) Vulcan's Forge 1909

Jelzessel Adami - Female Model


Sculpture and Metalworks:


Istvan Szentgyargy (1881-1938)

Soos Vilmos Szamosi (1885-1972) Adam - 1928

Jozef Remnyi (1887-1977) Tancolok - 1911

Jeno Hallgass (1912-1980) Autunno

Ferenc Medgyessy (1881-1958) The Three Graces

Ferenc Medgyessy (1881-1958) Menekuiak

Ferenc Medgyessy (1881-1958) Birkozok

Janos Istok (1873-1972) Athelete 1922

Jeno Zoltan Halgass (1912-?) Adolescent Youth

Hariett Whitney Frishmuth (1880-1865) Female Nude 1916

Beni Ferenczy (1890-1967)

Francisque Joseph Duret (1804-1865) Bacchus

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